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SwagHer Magazine & Media Presents the Felder-Barnes Scholarship

SwagHer Magazine & Media presents the Felder-Barnes Media Scholarship. This scholarship is presented each semester to a Southern University non-traditional student studying Mass Communication.

With its new Felder-Barnes Media Scholarship, SwagHer Magazine hopes to turn passion into action and invite students to develop their skills and pursue a career path they believe in.

SwagHer Magazine appreciates the art of Mass Communications and aims to be the support system that some students need. “I know how hard it can be as a non-traditional student in school, and usually, our heads are in a different space because we have real-world things going on outside of school. When I attended school, I was all alone outside of my kids, so I had no support system. This is my way of saying you are not alone. Someone somewhere is rooting for you,” said Francheska Felder, founder of SwagHer Magazine & Media, when asked why it was so important to offer this scholarship.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Amount: $500.00


  • Must attend Southern University A&M College.
  • Must be a non-traditional student.
  • Must be a Mass Communication major.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • 500-word essay about the applicant and how they can benefit from this scholarship. 

Deadline: September 25, 2021.

To submit your essay, visit the homepage of swagher.net and complete the form on the right sidebar.


About SwagHer Magazine & Media: SwagHer Magazine & Media is a lifestyle and empowerment publication for the Black community. Founded by Francheska Felder, SwagHer Magazine’s purpose is to change the way Black people view themselves to rise from marginalized communities and develop a mindset of royalty and wealth while educating them to grow a profitable business to be self-sufficient through positive media and storytelling. 

SwagHer Magazine & Media is a lifestyle and empowerment publication.



For more info about this topic, please contact:


PHONE: 678-973-1721

EMAIL: pgregory@swagher.net


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