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SwagHer Spotlight: Dr. Casay Vaughn

With almost a quarter of a century in the entertainment industry, Dr. CaSay Vaughn continues to push the envelope and dominates her role in the media industry. Dr. CaSay Vaughn is an American Media and Business Strategist. In Media, she is known as both the master strategist and super producer. Dubbed the “Media Maven,” CaSay has produced both Television and Radio. She has worked with companies such as NBC, TV One, Radio One BET, and SiriusXM, where she has left a major blueprint in the industry. CaSay has worked with numerous Celebrities and Athletes and multiple Record Labels. Currently, CaSay serves as Vice President Board of Directors, The Black Media Honors.

As a Business Strategist, CaSay oversees multiple companies under the Franchise Group. CaSay, along with her partner Celebrity DJ Jay Claxton, Co-Host the “Love Business On Lock” Podcast, will soon launch Franchise Radio. CaSay also Co-Hosts the Instagram Live Podcast called “WHEW” with Celebrity Esthetician Kimo Bentley.

Tammy: How did you and Kimo Bentley come up with the “WHEW” Instagram Live Podcast, and what is the impact you both want to make with it?

Dr.CaSay: WHEW stands for women healing and empowering women. As a woman who has been in this industry for over 25 years, I know that I need extra encouragement at times. I get more encouragement from my Caucasian and Latinx counterparts more than my African-American sistas. We set the example with WHEW that we all can uplift, support, help, and empower each other. 

Tammy: You also have another podcast called “Love Business On Lock” that you have with your significant other, Jay Claxton, who is a celebrity DJ, media mogul, entrepreneur, and more. How has the journey been so far, sharing that podcast with him?

Dr. CaSay: It’s fun! The entire premise for Love Business On Lock is that we really started together in business and ended up in love, and we have this thing on lock. Our relationship is our relationship, and our business is our business. We’ve been able to maintain a healthy balance.

We’re so much alike, so we don’t really bump heads. We know when to give each other space, and we know when we have to get the work done. Jay keeps me grounded. I would go from 0 to 100, and he will remain calm and get me calm too. 

Tammy: What services do you offer with The Franchise Group?

Dr. CaSay: The Franchise Group is our main business. Under The Franchise Group, we have Franchise Clothing, Franchise Music, and Franchise Radio, Franchise Travel, and more. We also have Love Business On Lock, and the Jay Claxton Brand. 

Currently, we have a client who is a businessman who runs Silver Spring, MD; with all of these different restaurants, we have Celebrity Esthetician Kimo Bentley, and we have Jasmine Sanders, who is the Co-Host of the Dl Hughley Radio show as a client. We will be going on the On The Rocks tour with Jasmine. Jay is the official DJ.

Tammy: What defines your swag as a woman?

Dr. CaSay: What defines my swag as a woman is that I love helping people. Knowledge is free. I believe in good karma and positive energy. I have to keep toxic energy from around me and just give back to someone else to come underneath me. That makes me happy.

Tammy: What else can we be on the lookout for?

Dr. CaSay: Other than the On The Rocks tour with Jasmine Sanders, the biggest thing we are working on right now is Franchise Radio. Jay has prepared an all-star lineup that everyone can learn more about in August. 

Keep up-to-date with Dr. CaSay on Instagram @casayvaughn

To submit pitches to Franchise Radio please contact Submissions@franchiseradio.show.

-Tammy Reese|@tammyreesemedia


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