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SwagHer Spotlight: Tesha Sherie

In 2015, Tesha Sherie started a natural hair journey in the form of locs for spiritual reasons. She wanted to be closer to herself, her roots, and what she felt were the best parts of her. In her search for pure and natural haircare, she found nothing! Every hair supply store had hair products filled with toxic, unhealthy ingredients that stagnant the follicles and damaged the scalp and scalp more than healed it. By early 2017, the Eccentric GLOW founder begin studying herbs and hair growth oils and practicing on her locs. At the beginning of 2018, she began sharing my gifts of haircare essentials with the world. 


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tesha, Tesha? 

Tesha: There are many layers to the Owner of Eccentric GLOW hence why I chose the name. I don’t like being put in a box! Knowledge of self allows me to be versatile yet disciplined in my lifestyle. I love to be one with nature; that’s a part of who I am. This is why all of my essentials are inspired by nature and healing. I love to study every new herb I know about and how it heals us. I truly get enjoyment from seeing people heal naturally.

Christina: Tell us a little bit about Eccentric GLOW. 

Tesha:  It all started back in 2012 watching Solange on B.E.TS’s sister channel Centric TV. I knew I wanted to create something iconic for us by us. It started out as a fashion blog that took me to NYC and writing for Vibe Vixen and Sister2Sister magazine, which later transitioned as I was transitioning spiritually into an international natural haircare brand.

Christina: Why are your locs so important to you? 

Tesha: In 2015, I started my natural hair journey in the form of locs for spiritual reasons. I wanted to be closer to myself, my roots, and what I felt were my best parts. 


Christina: What is your favorite Eccentric Glow product, and why? 

Tesha: The Fenugreek Leave-In Conditioner and Flourishing Hair Growth Oil. Those two together are just the perfect dynamic duo for my locs. Living in Vegas, my hair gets dry as this is the desert. With these haircare essentials, I’m not just oiling my locs but actually hydrating them with all-natural ingredients inspired by nature and healing to keep my scalp clean and my locs healthy and flourishing.

Christina: What are some tips you can give on growing out locs? 

Tesha:   Leave Them ALONE! No, you don’t always need a retwist and keep those different energies out of ya head, lol. Lastly, get you some amazing products that work, if not my Eccentric GLOW essentials; get something that you believe in and that works.

Christina: What does a typical day in your life look like?  

Tesha: I still have my work a 9-5. I’m an Autism Technician by trade with school-age kids. After work, I typically create my homemade haircare essentials, and sometimes I’ll have a market or pop-up shop to vend at. If not that, I love a good ol’ glass of wine and a juicy book. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Tesha: All my hair and skincare essentials are herbal infused. I am a Certified Herbalist who loves seeing how herbs work for us and what we need. My favorite herbs are Fenugreek and Calendula. I’ve seen my Fenugreek Leave-In Conditioner take people who’ve had a bald spot to peach fuzz in a month… it’s literally bundles in a bottle. Calendula is for the whole family. I make my body oil and body butter with it because it heals wounds, soothes eczema, and relieves diaper rash. It’s also can be used as an antiseptic.


Connect with Tesha below: 



Youtube: Eccentricglow


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