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Tailored NYE Ideas to Fit Your Personality Type

So, if you’re anything like me, the holidays (and time at large) has caught you off guard and It feels like 2021 pulled up and got a plate to go — like it’s really about to be 2022, y’all (and what a time to be alive)! With everything going on I think it’s safe to say we’re all cherishing those minutes on the clock and our loved ones in an extra special way these days.  

With the looming uncertainty of the covid variant, affectionately dubbed, the  “Omarion” variant, by the culture, much of the traditional celebrations of NYE  that include large crowds may still not be the safest option this year.  Fortunately, we can still cautiously gather with our loved ones to ring in the  New Year, in a more intimate setting. Either in the comfort of your homes or 

small venue, the celebrations can commence with traditional champagne toasts, talks of resolutions, and gratitude for surviving year two of, “WTH”?! 

See a few NYE Plans to consider below.  

Party Like its 1999 with, Kulture Karaoke 

Round up your closest, self-proclaimed vocalist for a moment of R&B &  Hip-hop nostalgia, while you welcome in the new year with the karaoke game,  Kulture Karaoke! Challenge a group of 3 or more to pull from an array of cards that prompt them to, “sing a song they had no business singing as a  kid” or a tune from an episode of Soul Train, to set off a fun and hopeful New Year. Add a nice libation to the mix and enjoy the quick trip down memory lane, IRL, or in a virtual party setting as you sing your off-key heart’s out and embrace a moment of Back Joy. It’s so needed after this year! 

Photo Credit: Kulture Karaoke (via the-hbcu-graduate-who-launched-kulture-karaoke-card-game-in-target stores/)












A Happy New Year with Happy Cork Wines & Spirits 

If you plan on being the hostess with the mostest this NYE, add an element of wine tasting with wines and spirits from The Happy Cork. The Brooklyn, NY-based wine/spirits store is Black-owned and prides itself on offering and showcasing other Black/POC-owned brands. Cheers to a great year as your party guests discover premium tequilas from budding brands like Lobos and crisp white wines like Black Girl Magic, cultivated by the McBride Sisters.  No party is complete without a party favor, gift attendees with upcycled coasters and symbolic African-inspired pins for a saucy send-off. Not in the  Big Apple? Not a problem, Happy Cork also ships to Washington D.C and  Florida (for other states, their website is a great resource to discover and support new brands to purchase elsewhere)!

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Mocktails & 2022 Mood Boards  

For those practicing sobriety as a regular practice or as their resolution,  there are tons of alcoholic free options to toast up to a hopeful 2022 while manifesting your declarations. Get your mixologist on with concoctions like Citrus Fizz in place of traditional champaign, Shirley Temple’s, or virgin Margaritas, to name a few and pair with tasty appetizers. Invite your trusted tribe and curate mood/vision boards using 22 magazine clippings that illustrate and proclaim your missions and frame out your health and wellness goals. Lead into the New Year surrounded by positive energy and clearheaded intent. 


Photo Credit: Nonalcoholic-Drinks/dp/1465456988
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Count Down with the Kiddos  

Gather your ”broke best friend/s” and create festive arts and crafts as the clock approaches the New Year. 

Repurpose all that wrapping paper into fun confetti, draw pictures that illustrate their favorite parts of 2021, and make “wish boxes” for the kiddies to write their grand, imaginative hopes for the New Year. Design your own decorations like a ball drop prop, reminiscent of the famed NYC, Times  Square NYE ball, and let the little fashion gurus pick out their best party outfits for the occasion. Add a couple of family-fun board games and get sparkling cider wasted, capping the night off gazing at the live or virtual fireworks if you’re bending the usual bedtime rules. The young party animals should be tuckered out way before the clock strikes 12, giving you a  little wine downtime for yourself — you deserve it!

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Fine Dining for a Fine Time  

Should your city be less restricting with their covid mandates, and if you’ve had about enough of your cabin fever for a second New Year in a row, swap the sweats out for a glamorous ensemble and hit a fine dining establishment/lounge with your fellow fab acquaintance’s to celebrate. In light of another challenging year for us collectively, finding the silver lining and a reason to get all dolled up to celebrate life on a grander scale is one way to combat those 2021 blues. Luxury is something that’s been more encouraged this year in the Black community and perhaps, a night of fine cuisine, good company, and a lux send-off to the year can set the tone for a prosperous New Year. 

Photo Credit: Photograph, Dennis Leupold 

Self Reflection & Resolutions  

Try meditating and journaling your current feelings for those who prefer to retreat inward while ringing in the New Year. Reflect on the critical highs and lows of 2021 and catch a virtual sermon to usher in the abundance and peace you seek for a fresh start. NYE celebrations aren’t limited to huge crowds,  champagne toasts, and sparkling sequin attire. Set a serene scene with a goddess bath, an affirming book, fresh fruit, uplifting music, and burn a  candle as you set your intentions for 2022, with gratitude, spiritual clarity, and faith that what’s to come is more fruitful than what you’ve left behind. 

Photo: Instagram- @theanyal8ter

Photo: Instagram- @theanyal8ter  

We at Swagher Magazine appreciate our reader’s support and wish you all a safe, victorious, and Happy New Year!


Article Written by: Jasmyne Seed | @ JAS__PR Hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of NC, the self-proclaimed, “City Slicker with Southern Hospitality” attributes her love for all things creative and eclectic taste, to the many faces and places she’s encountered in her lifetime. After graduating in 2015 with a degree in  Fashion Merchandising, she embarked on the entrepreneur route and developed JAS PR, a boutique-style, public relations agency in the fall of  2018. Rallying behind rare gems in the fashion, beauty, and non-profit industries, her intent with, JAS PR is to craft compelling stories and campaigns for emerging brands and their owners, that spark awareness and unearth their greatness to the masses. Holding significant support for Black-Owned businesses. Jasmyne lends her communications and writing skills to contribute pieces for publications and blogs while pursuing other entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. In her leisure she’s a foodie, (aspiring) travel buff, and 90s sitcom’s binger!


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