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Tamara’s Journey from Social Work to Style and Empowerment

In this interview, Tamara shares her inspiring journey and love of style. With a deep-rooted passion for social work, Tamara discusses how it’s her life’s calling and her way of being of service to others, comparing social workers to the embodiment of compassion and support on Earth. Tamara’s commitment to helping others extends to her venture, Designs by Tee, where she addresses the needs of underserved children and families, recognizing the critical gap in resources. She cherishes Brooklyn’s diversity, and her inspirations include Brenee Brown and her resilient mother. Tamara’s message is clear: pursue your dreams relentlessly and believe in yourself, transcending all obstacles.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tamara, Tamara?

Tamara: Tamara exudes confidence, style, and a strong sense of self. It’s a strong sense of self for me.

Christina: Why did you decide to go into social work?

Tamara: Social work is my life calling. I think I was born to do this. I understand what living a life of service means. This career path affords me to do this. Social workers are literally Jesus’ hands and feet on the earth. 

Christina: Tell us a little bit about Designs by Tee. Why did you decide to start this


Tamara: There was a lack of concrete services for children and families. I worked at three different places and noticed the same thing. Families needed resources and were not getting the level of assistance to stay out of poverty. 

Christina: What is your favorite thing about living in Brooklyn and why?

Tamara: Brooklyn is diverse. You can find people from different cultures and backgrounds and every socioeconomic status.

Christina: Who or what inspires you?

Tamara: Brenee Brown. As a social worker, she has normalized talking about emotions. I think she uses clear plain language that helps lay persons achieve emotional intelligence. Any individual that is bold in their expression of self and seeking to help others grow. My mother is also someone who inspires me. As a domestic violence survivor, she has literally rebuilt her life. 

Christina: It takes a special person to dedicate their life to helping disadvantaged children and families. Did you decide to go that route because of your past, or did you just see that a particular group needed someone special to “ride” for them?

Tamara: Working as a social worker really made me go this route. Children and families are often in homeless shelters and have to function with limited to no resources. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Tamara: I encourage all people to go for their dreams. Do not let any obstacles get in your way. Push past the visible and just believe. 

Connect with Tamara below:

Website: www.designsbytee3.com

Instagram: @designsbytee3

Facebook: Designsbytee3


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