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Tangie Roseboro Talks Media, Her New Book, Stageplay, Movies and More

Tangie Roseboro is the epitome of a strong, goal-driven Black woman. Growing up poor in South Carolina, Tangie knew she wanted a better life for herself, but when she became a young mother at 17 and dropped out of high school to care for her daughter, Tangie thought her life was over. By the time Tangie was 25, she had become the mother of five children, three sons and two daughters.

Tangie started living in the projects and on public assistance; she didn’t see any way out for herself. She stated she thought she had become just another statistic in life and that it wasn’t until she was standing at her mailbox one day waiting on her public assistance to come that she had an encounter with God. She stated God spoke to her about creating a change to become a better person.

At the age of 30, Tangie enrolled in the local Adult Education Program, where she studied and applied herself until she received her GED in 2001, from there Tangie enrolled in Limestone College, now Limestone University, where she graduated with her Associate Degree in Liberal Studies in 2008 and a Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree in 2009, after graduating from Limestone College, Tangie enrolled in an online Master’s Program through Capella University where she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership in 2016.

Since graduating high school and college, Tangie has founded and started several nonprofit organizations. She’s a 7x’s self-published author, the Editor-In-Chief of her own magazine, Pain 2 Purpose, and the founder of The Women of Strength Honorary/Men of Honor Award Banquet Movement.

Tangie is a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, an Ambassador for Come On In Inc. International Organization based out of Colorado, and the Owner of TRose Printed Apparel and Custom Made Jewelry and TRose Media and Film Production, LLC. Tangie is a coach who teaches others how to become an entrepreneur and start their own nonprofit organizations; Tangie became a Licensed Minister in 2017.

Tammy: If someone were to ask you who Tangie is, what would your reply be?

Tangie: I’m a woman who loves the Lord, my children, grandchildren, my family, and those I know and don’t know. I have an authentic heart and enjoy serving others and giving back. My mission is to see others succeed and live on purpose for a purpose. I’m an encourager, motivator, and supporter. I believe in going above, and beyond the expectations of others, I may be serving.

Tammy: What got you into media and women empowerment work?

Tangie: Well, I started my women empowerment movement before I got into media, but what made me start my women empowerment movement was my own trials and tribulations as a woman, going through domestic violence, single motherhood, homelessness, and mental stresses. I knew I wanted to create a platform where other women who were experiencing or going through the similarities of what I had gone through. I wanted them to have a place to come where they could vent, be encouraged, motivated, and inspired, and to receive the tools needed to help them pick themselves up and create a plan for better living through positive change. 

I’m all about changing the mindset of people. My Women of Strength Movement is my baby, and I look forward to honoring women worldwide every year. I believe in giving people their flowers while they live. As for my media, well, I got into media because I love interviewing people and finding out their why and how I can assist in bringing light to what they are doing. So, I use my magazine Pain 2 Purpose and my online virtual show “Keepin’ It Real With Tangie” to shed light on others. As the owner of TRose Media and Film Production LLC, I create opportunities for others to act, speak and be themselves in movies, stage plays, and media interviews.

Tammy: What else are you working on?

Tangie: I am currently working on a movie called “Dating A Narcissist The Movie.” I just finished hosting my first Man of Excellence Award Banquet, where 37 men were honored just for who they are in the lives of others. I also had my very first stage play in August 2022 called “Dating A Narcissist.” I’m also working on my 8th book called “SADE, THE LADY WITH THE TWISTED MIND.” I’m actually ghostwriting a few projects for others, and I’m writing scripts for other authors to turn their books into a movie or a stage play. So, I have a lot going on, but I love it.

Tammy: What have been some of your career highlights?

Tangie: Just being able to sow into others, I love that. I’m an inspirational person, so any opportunity I get to inspire other people is always a highlight for me. I’d also have to say being able to start my own Media and Film Production Company and learning the ins and outs of writing scripts for production is big for me. I never went to school for Mass Communication, so all I know is what I learned on my own through the knowledge that God has given to me. I’m still a work in progress, but I won’t stop until I reach where I’m supposed to be in the Media world. (LOL).

Tammy: What are you most passionate about?

Tangie: This might sound crazy, but I’m very passionate about people. I simply love serving others, which is why I went into Social Work as a career. But being able to make someone’s day is a very important part of who I am; it’s in my DNA. I love creating ways and opportunities that push others to their full potential, and there is no such thing as “I can’t” in my book. I believe that you can and you will.

Tammy: What is a super fun fact about yourself?

Tangie: I love making people laugh, so I’m always clowning. I should have been a comedian; I’ve been told that so many times. I love comedy. Give me an opportunity, and I will have you rolling on the floor; I also love to travel, honey any chance I get I’m out of here. I want to see the world.

Tammy: What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

Tangie: Wow, I have multiple things on the horizon for 2023. I will be writing more movies and stage plays, I’m be publishing more books, and I’m so excited to be taking the Man of Excellence Award on tour in 2023. I’m also looking forward to more speaking engagements both domestically and internationally.

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Tangie is available for bookings, whether it be to film a movie, reality show, party, conference, etc. She’s also available for script and ghostwriting and any Motivational or Inspirational Speaking Opportunities.


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