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Tasha K: Entertainer or Cyberbully?

Bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers alike all deserve a fair shot at success. Success can be a journey full of milestones including growing popularity and increase of wealth. There is no one right way to “make it” in digital media these days. For almost 300 years we’ve been promised freedom of speech. That freedom is even freer with the customizability of the Internet. If you’re not liking what you’re seeing or hearing, you can just click off or even block the content creator.

But what if you yourself are a very famous celebrity? It gets much more difficult and complicated. Yes, you could still click off but what if your audience was constantly sharing links and screenshots of unwanted content to your inbox? Some to taunt you, some to inform you of what’s going on. How would you escape the barrage of negative content being sent by your family and friends? This is the case of Cardi B. Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar, is the first female solo rap artist to have three diamond singles: “I Like It with J. Balvin,” “Bodak Yellow,” and “Girls Like You” with Maroon 5. Here are some of the unflattering things that were said about her: 

‘Cardi B inserted a bottle into her vulva, removed it, then drank the contents therein.’

‘Cardi B is an adulteress because she cheated on Offset.’ 

‘Cardi B bragged about being a former prostitute.’

‘Cardi B has herpes and HPV.’ 

What I love most about freedom of speech is the freedom of expressing my opinions. Yes, they may change tomorrow but at least I get to express my thoughts. Personally, I don’t slut shame but I do understand why the more conservative saints may not be too fond of Cardi B. Many prudes came out and exclaimed their disgust for Cardi B when her single “W.AP.” began to chart . . . AS THEY SHOULD! If you don’t like something, it’s alright to speak up and say that if you feel so led. You can share your opinions. You can even report on something if you truly believe it to be fact. Here’s the thing, though: You can’t make up facts that don’t exist just because you dislike someone. Who made up these wannabe facts? The defendant, Latasha Kebe. 


Latasha Kebe, who’s being sued in federal court by Cardi B, is a gossip entertainer best known for her vlog, UnwineWithTashaK. Tasha K admitted under oath that she lied about Cardi B. She either made up the lies herself or an unreliable source gave her information that she knew was false. Tasha K admitted to deliberately sharing falsehoods about Cardi B for clicks and views multiple times. “I knew the s#*t was fake”, she arrogantly stated in a 20-minute rant about why people like Cardi B don’t deserve fame and her position in life. She wasn’t admitting her faults with contrition in search of redemption. Tasha K was doubling down on her attacks for the all-white jury and judge to see. There were three other black jurors who were dismissed for good reasons. One juror fell ill with COVID and was visibly symptomatic at trial. Another juror mumbled out how disgusting the audio of Tasha K was when she was berating Cardi B. A third juror was gossipping about how horrible the video footage was when they weren’t supposed to even discuss the case. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because when Tasha K responded on air about being sued by Cardi B, the vlogger responded, “We’ll let the white folks sort it out.” I hope it all turns out to be a big, sensationalized misunderstanding and that we all can just get along in a utopian paradise. Tuhh!


Consuela Allen

Consuela Allen @speakerconsuela  | Consuela is a Certified Life-Purpose Coach, Certified Peer Specialist, Respect Institute Speaker, Mental Health First Aider, Spiritual Midwife, and Songwriter. In other words, she is a lover of words. Consuela enjoys utilizing written, verbal and musical communication to facilitate healing and wholeness.


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