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Tavia MD on Staying in Demand, Her New Book, and More

When we see women of color in rooms that are rare for them to be invited to, we root for them, we are inspired by them, and we give these women their flowers. Tavia MD, the Founder of The TaviaMD Agency, is such a one we want to pay tribute to for her years worth of notable work in the media and public relations industry.


The TaviaMD Agency is a premier voice in the public relations world, launching many creative campaigns for a diverse clientele. Founded in 2005, TaviaMD has been a consistent force in a wide variety of specialties throughout the entertainment industry. With the foundation of trust that the agency has built within the industry, the clients can concisely present their mission and values to consumers and the public. TMD is committed to providing a top-notch brand building that you’d never find anywhere else.


Recently Tavia was seen on the red carpet of the House of Gucci Premiere in New York City alongside legendary celebs such as Lady Gaga and Al Pacino. Also, she was shining bright at the Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 premiere alongside the Starz and Power Universe family she works with on a regular basis. We are thrilled to get an exclusive interview with Tavia.


What defines your swag as an in-demand media and public relations professional?


Tavia: I’m a business…woman. I don’t confine myself in boxes, and I always take the time to perfect and refresh my skills before attacking a story or a client’s project. I trust my gut and only involve myself in things that make me feel good.


Please tell us about your book “Sex Isn’t The Way To Love.”


Tavia: So my book is simply about the importance of loving yourself fully before you attempt to give someone the responsibility of loving you. Too often, we spend our lives looking for mates when we don’t know what we actually like or don’t like. So busy conforming to try to be what someone else is or was. Loving yourself is a job that most don’t take, and it needs to change.


What are you currently working on?


Tavia: Currently, I’m working with Super Producer Sean Garrett, Mr. Hanky, Alexis Ray Parker, Johnny Lugautti, and Andrew Thomas on their projects. I am also contracted with another agency and handling their Youtube account, so I have the pleasure of working with Youtube Originals and Shorts creators and artists. I am writing and coordinating moments for Thisis50.


When Tavia isn’t at a major industry event or booking a client for a major media feature, what do you like to do in your spare time?


Tavia: Baby, I sleep! I also binge-watch Netflix and cooking shows, hang out with my family.


What is a quote that you live by?


Tavia: I have a few, but my top two are “If you want it bad enough, you will make a way. If you don’t, you will make an excuse” and “ The Lord is the light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?”


What is a super fun fact about yourself that many may not be aware of?


Tavia: I used to make mixed CDs in college, and I’m funny AF.


What are you looking forward to in 2022?


Tavia: A fresh start.


More on Tavia MD


Tavia Mapp-Deterville, also known as Tavia MD, is a modern example of how women can truly have it all with enough drive and hard work. In-between running her all- female-staff PR company, she squeezes in time to work on private ventures such as writing her new book, “Sex Isn’t The Way To Love.” From arranging a specially curated SXSW showcase to speaking out about charitable causes she believes in, Tavia MD tends to collect victories along the way. As a leader in the business, Tavia has flawlessly handled the African-American Press for films Spiral, Questlove’s Summer of Soul, and Time. She has secured clients on sought-after platforms like MTV, BET Revolt Summit, and award shows.


Tavia MD’s reach also extends to the online community, whereas an executive producer, she is responsible for attaining 1 million interview views on Thisis50.com and IGTV. While others use her as motivation for themselves to never give up, Tavia MD shares her own inspirations, which include Jay-Z, Diddy, and 50 Cent, powerhouses in their own right. As TaviaMD continues to expand, she continues to learn any skill necessary to ensure her success while never forgetting where she started and where she wants to be.


Keep up to date:


Web: https://www.taviamd.com




Interview Done By: Tammy Reese | @tammyreesemedia


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