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The Disney Princesses Get Rebooted With Brandy’s New Song, “Starting Now”

The first Black Cinderella leads the Queendom of Disney Princesses featured in this new video promoting the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection steaming button on Disney+.  Listen below.

Brandy starred across Whitney Houston, as her fairy godmother, werkkk, back in 1997.  It was a new move for the story, which featured a color-blind cast.  Color blind casting is what we see on shows developed by creators who don’t use race as a tool when writing characters.  Shonda Rhimes is known for her color-blending, color-blinded stories which hit shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy.  It ditches the racial connotation normally associated with family life and work life.  In Brandy’s Cinderella, her stepmother is played by actress Bernedette Peters.


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