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The Ultimate Accessory for the Fall

The Fedora. A hat that will never go out of style and is shamelessly flooding social media. The history of the Fedora is quite interesting. A hat that was worn first by the ladies in 1882 and popularized by the first production of the play, “Fedora” by French author Victorien Sardou. According to The History of Hats (www.historyofhats.net), after the play was a success, “…the hat was soon a popular fashion for women especially for women’s-rights activists”. Later on, men adopted the accessory as an alternative to the bowler hat, and that was all she wrote! Year and year, the Fedora would make an appearance, either amongst different communities or entertainment. Now, in 2021, the beloved hat is making a statement as both men and women have considered it to be “the ultimate accessory,” and the fashion industry has included it as a necessity for Fall.

Meet JD Evans. Founder of JStyle District, a cutting edge one-stop-shop and the designer behind the JStyle Fedora. This designer, stylist, and fashion expert has responded to the call for color and more color this Fall season. Fashion experts have deemed Fall 2021 the season of rejuvenation and refreshment – allowing the colors to mesh with the soul and needs of the people. Amid the pandemic, the fashion industry and every industry had a plummeting moment, not sure of what to expect in the world. With so much trouble, dismay, and uncertainty in the world, different industry heads were forced to look at what would bring a necessary comeback in the hearts and minds of the people. The answer in the fashion industry was the reintroduction of color and creativity in style. 


The Everlasting Fedora

Evans birthed his collection of fedoras during the pandemic. “It was a faith walk, but I did it, and the people responded.” He wanted to do something different, so he came up with an outstanding line that will never go out of style. “From Autumn to Merlot, I have colors that will make any outfit pop and anyone feel runway ready.” Evans agrees that the colors for Fall are perfect, different, and exude fun and even power. 

“Colors are very powerful because they bring out a special mood or a feeling – especially with certain looks! Bright colors may represent happiness and promote enjoying life. This Fall, everyone needs a bright pop of color to ignite their personal Fall season. Use accessories like scarves, and jackets, colors that can really make “you” standout. The colors I feel that are really going to pop this Fall are your yellow’s, burnt oranges, electric blues, fuchsia and hunter and olive greens.” – JD Evans.

Evans is no stranger to the art of fashion, having styled for many, including Ms. Plus America 2019, Iesha Farmer. He has always enjoyed styling throughout his career, contributing his expertise in the world of retail and professional styling. Evans created JStyleDistrict which is a dream becoming a reality. This one-stop shop is described as being, “…the right location for all your apparel, accessory and overall styling needs. From sleek to savvy, smart to chic, we have something to fit your needs and get you right. Our options and quality of care for our product ensures that you are receiving superior service that is sure to boost confidence in your fashion and yourself. Come on over to the District…JStyleDistrict!”


Follow JStyle District below:

Website: www.shopjstyledistrict.com

Instagram: @shopjstyledistrict


Article Written by: Sabrina Espere Carrington | @sabrinaespere 


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