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Theories & Thoughts Deep Dive Debuts on WYSP TV

Theories & Thoughts Deep Dive is debuting this week on the What’s Your Super Channel on Exposure TV Network starring Francheska “Fancy” Felder and Arnya T.M. Davis.  Theories and Thoughts Deep Dive explores the magic that happens when two aspiring Black women come together and share on life, business, love, news, and all the taboo subjects in between.

The talkshow is an extension of SwagHer Magazine and Media and an element of Theories and Thoughts Podcast. The hostesses have created a platform for genuine conversations, transparency, and open dialogue, with Theories and Thoughts Podcast. They have an audience of 15k on Facebook.

TAT Deep Dive is designed to not only bring interesting conversations but to get a bit more personal with the hostesses. Arnya is the CEO of Ladi CEO LLC and is a confident coach. Fancy is the owner of Fancy’s Thoughts LLC and publisher/EIC of SwagHer Magazine where she also serves as a marketing and PR strategist. 

The ladies will also, “get into some black-owned businesses”. The two will take trips to black-owned businesses to explore what they do and how the business benefits the community. 

The first four episodes are:


-Why We Need Other People

-Finding Our Way in Relationships

-Self Care 

Viewers can catch Deep Dive episodes on Exposure TV Network which is available on Roku, Firestick, Android TV, Apple TV, and the iOS App Store. 

Theories and Thoughts is produced to bring everyday “girl talk” to the mainstream. Arnya and Fancy, mutually respect one another but do not always agree. Their opposing views and open-mindedness make for an interesting dynamic but also show that two individuals do not always have to agree in order to be friends. 

Hostesses Arnya and Fancy have hosted the Theories & Thoughts Podcast for almost two years and have worked together for almost four years. Explore the evolving friendship and womanhood adventures between the two as they host deep, thought-provoking conversations tapping into the inner woman. 

But before you watch, join the ladies at their Launch Party, Day Party w/ Nadia Francois, CEO of the What’s Your Super Power Channel, on May 13th at 12 PM Central on the SwagHer Magazine Facebook.

Theories and Thoughts Deep Dive will debut on May 13, 2021, at 6 PM CST/ 7 PM EST.


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