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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: Mental Health and Filmmaking w/Judah Agbonkhina

Filmmaker and activist Judah Agbonkhina talks about trauma and mental health while sharing his life story. He also discusses his film projects and work with the ladies of Theories and Thoughts Podcast

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About Judah Agbonkhina

Judah Agbonkhina is an Activist, Actor, Multimedia Journalist, and Film Maker out of the Dallas, TX, area. He has trained extensively in the arts since elementary school, attending several art schools throughout his education, including W.E. Greiner for the Performing and Visual Arts and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Judah began his activism when he joined the United States Army in 2008. After serving for four years, he left the military and decided to continue serving his community, eventually creating Suits For Judah. Suits For Judah is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Charity Organization dedicated to changing the mindsets and lives of young urban Americans through Mentorship, Exposure, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment. 


For his work in the community, Judah was awarded the Not My Son “Community Humanitarian Award 2021”. In 2021 Suits For Judah helped create and release a documentary called ‘Sandbranch: The Texas Town With No Running Water’ on Sandbranch, TX, a Texas “Freedmans” Town 15 minutes outside of Dallas that has no running water. You can watch ‘Sandbranch: The Texas Town With No Running Water’ on RokuTV by downloading the “DTRTV” app or by watching on the ‘Word On Da Street W/ Judah’ YouTube page. 

In August of 2022, Judah was appointed the position of Director of Documentaries for DTRTV, a television station streaming on Roku and Amazon FireTV. In September of 2022 Judah was appointed the position of Multimedia Journalist with Dallas Free Press. Judah is a Lead Teacher with 2 Inspire Peace Inc. Where he is certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid.


As you grow and become an adult, you will revisit your past. -Judah Agbonkhina


Judah Agbonkhina (Facebook), @GuerillaGod (Instagram and TikTok), @wodswj (Instagram)

Word On Da Street W/ Judah on YouTube


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