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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: The Inspiration Behind Trapped w/ Theresa “Reese” Dorsey

The author of the book, “Trapped,” Theresa Dorsey, joins Arnya and Fancy to discuss the inspiration behind the book.  

This Caught Our Attention:

Deion Sanders announces he is leaving Jackson State University, and there’s lots of backlash online. Was he wrong to leave Jackson State? Is he abandoning them? 

About Theresa Dorsey

Reese’s storytelling is her superpower. She fell in love with books at an early age, and because of her active imagination, she began to create her own stories to share with others. One

day, her best friend dared her to write a book since she’d been writing poetry and short stories for years. The following year, that fateful dare became the “blue notebook” phenomenon that put her on the map as an author. She is now a graduate of Southern University at New Orleans and the historic McDonogh 35 Senior High School, where she first fell in love with writing. 

For Reese, there’s nothing quite like being able to create a world with words where people can find refuge from their troubles—even if just for a few short hours. The author wants her readers to feel their way through her stories. Reese puts every emotion into her work and hopes everyone enjoys the fruits of her labor.


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Healing issue with Arnya and Fancy as the cover.

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