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Theories & Thoughts: S3| EP 20: Darryl Perry on Finding Solace in the Big & Tall Community


As they are spotlighting our brothers this June, Arnya and Fancy welcome big and tall model, Darryl Perry to discuss how he learned to embrace his body and how he is mentoring young boys to love themselves and be young gentlemen. 



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  • Woman’s story goes viral after she shares how her boyfriend of three years invites her on a trip but refuses to pay half for her ticket, though his travel is being covered by his boss.


TAT Question: When someone invites you somewhere, do you expect them to pay, whether it is a trip, dinner, or whatever?


About Darryl Perry


Darryl Perry is a Big and Tall model, actor  and singer from Dayton, Ohio. Standing at 6’ 7”, “larger than life” is the best way to describe his huge presence and personality. As one of four children born to music-loving parents, Darryl has always had a strong connection to the arts, especially music and film.


Even with a passion for arts, growing up was tough. Darryl was always bigger than his peers and often got made fun of by them, leading to serious body image issues and a lack of self-confidence that plagued him all the way through his early twenties. 


Thankfully, that changed overnight when his eyes were opened to the Big and Tall modeling community in 2019, suddenly becoming surrounded by lots of people who felt about themselves exactly the way he had. This newfound kinship inspired Darryl to speak out about his own pain and embolden other big men and women who are struggling with the same issues he did. As he told XL Tribe Magazine (, “I would tell my 10-year-old self to stand up for himself and be strong. Find that warrior inside of you and go for whatever you want!”


And this gentle giant is now inspiring other 10-year-olds to stand up for themselves with his What’s Up, Lil Bro? video series, motivating young men to become their greatest selves by teaching them fundamental life lessons like controlling their tempers, building their confidence, and busting through the world’s stereotypes, all in a relaxed, open, engaging manner. Darryl tells his young followers, “life can be hard as a young man but I’m here to help you navigate through it! I’m proud of you!”


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