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Theories & Thoughts: S3|EP 8: Andromeda Raheem, She Wins Society

In their last interview of March, Arnya and Fancy are joined by She Wins Society founder, Andromeda Raheem, to talk about sisterhood and what sisterhood truly means! 


  • Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s Supreme Court hearings.
  • Four teenage carjackers turned in by their parents in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  • Woman takes her child’s father off child support and assists him with opening a trucking company.


About Andromeda and She Wins Society

In a world where many women struggle to find the time to invest in their inner well-being and build healthy relationships with other women, She Wins Society was founded by Andromeda Raheem to provide a safe, supportive and empowering space for women to prioritize their self-care and personal development while cultivating long-lasting sisterhood.

After years of putting her own physical, mental and emotional well-being on the back-burner while building her business and traveling the world speaking and serving others; Andromeda woke up one day and could no longer recognize the woman staring back at her in the mirror. Her cup was empty and she felt stuck. Andromeda was no longer inspired to create, and felt like she had nothing left to give. In this moment, Andromeda realized that she could no longer move forward or offer anyone anything if she did not pause to pour back into herself and refill her own cup.

Much like Andromeda, many women feel like taking time out for self-care is optional, something to schedule in when they can find the time, but Andromeda learned the hard way that it is mandatory to prioritize self-care to avoid burnout and other mental, emotional and physical complications. Learning this tough lesson and taking the difficult, yet rewarding journey to get back to her healthy, happy, and confident self; Andromeda created She Wins Society to change the narrative on how women view self-care and personal development.

Andromeda wants women to embrace the fact that if they don’t take care of themselves first, they won’t be able to properly care for their families, effectively run their businesses or elevate in their lives and careers. She also wants She Wins Society to be a constant reminder to women that continuing their education outside of the classroom and consistently investing in their personal development is non-negotiable because they will only go as far as the knowledge they have. Her motto is, “the better you get, the bigger you win.” 

As Andromeda has been passionate about uniting women and creating opportunities for women to work and win together since 2014, She Wins Society is also fostering a community of happy, whole, healthy, empowered, faithful, well-balanced and well-traveled women who are confident enough in who they are and where they are in life to collaborate with and support other women to be successful. Our mantra is, “when women support women, we ALL win.”



Instagram: @shewinssociety


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