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Unconditional Lovers & Memory-Makers: Celebrating Grandparents on Grandparents Day 

Grandparent’s Day is a time for honoring those key people we love the most. Grandparents are central figures in our upbringing and the ones who leave us with the most priceless memories. When mom and dad say “no,” Grandma and Grandpa say “yes.” They save us from punishments, advocate for our wants and needs, and cook us meals that can never be duplicated. Grandparents show unfathomable love, patience, and empathy for their grandchildren.

Even though it’s not recognized as a national holiday, celebrating our beloved grandparents is not brand-new. Marian McQuade, who served on the West Virginia Commission on Aging and the Nursing Home Licensing Board, launched a statewide initiative in 1970 to create a designated day to honor grandparents. In 1973, Governor Arch Moore of West Virginia declared the inaugural Grandparents Day after Marian reached out to religious and political groups.

4 Ways to Honor Grandparents

Grandparent’s Day is a time to honor the bonds between older and younger generations. Would you like to show appreciation to your grandparents? Here are four ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day.

Create a playlist of your grandparent’s favorite songs and listen to them together.

This will show appreciation for their era of music and that you pay attention to the things they like and love.

Cook your grandparents a meal their grandparents used to make for them back in the day.

Grandparents have their own fond memories from childhood. A lot of those memories are rooted in food and in recipes that were passed down throughout generations. Find out what meal your great-great-grandparent made that your grandparent looked forward to when they were a child.

Create and frame an ‘I love you because…” list.

Name all the reasons your grandparents mean the world to you and give it to them on a canvas or in a picture frame. Hanging it in a frequented area in their home will remind them that they rock at being grandparents.

Take a trip down memory lane.

Collect all your grandparent’s childhood snacks (if they’re still around), all their favorite movies, and all their favorite games (again, if you can get them), and spend the day making your grandparents feel young again. This is a sure way to create new memories.

If you have ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day, list them in the comment section!

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