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Unleashing Potential: An Interview with Amanda Fludd, Empowering Minority Women in Business

Amanda Fludd is a remarkable mindset coach for minority women in business. Amanda’s “SwagHer” is a deep-seated belief in women’s profound purpose, which drives her to help others unearth their potential. With a background in mental health, Amanda is uniquely equipped to guide women through the labyrinth of self-doubt, anxiety, and limiting beliefs that can hinder their success. Her mission transcends surface motivation, seeking to dismantle issues at their roots. Amanda’s personal journey, including her passion for running half marathons, underscores her philosophy of persistence, discipline, and the right mindset. Through her coaching, she empowers women to conquer self-doubt and claim their place in the world. Amanda’s message is clear: don’t let your life pass by without striving to fulfill your purpose and support those who await your unique gifts and expertise.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Amanda, Amanda?

Amanda: My SwagHer is my belief that as women, we have a deeper purpose. Activating that requires some self-awareness and challenging of self that can be uncomfortable, but I’m willing to go there and willing to teach other women how to do that, too. What makes me, me? My commitment to seeing other women thrive, my passion for mental health, and my love for a good challenge.

Christina: How did your background in mental health contribute to your role as a mindset coach for minority women in business?

Amanda: My background in mental health is the cornerstone of my coaching approach. It has given me a deep understanding of how our thoughts, emotions, and past experiences shape our mindset. The learnings and skills in this area help me guide women in overcoming their limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties, enabling them to embrace confidence and success. 

We are often told this is what you should do to be confident, to take up space, to care for ourselves- but we don’t always get the instructions for how to get our minds and bodies to comply with those instructions. You can affirm things all you want, but if you haven’t done a deep enough unpacking and learned the tools to navigate the discomfort that comes with putting yourself out there and growth- you’ll struggle with doubt, procrastination, overthinking, hiding in the cut- I’m about disrupting the cycles beyond surface motivation and suggestions. 

Christina: Do you believe your background in mental health sets you apart as a mindset coach? How do you use your background in mental health to help inspire women to have confidence in themselves and their businesses?

Amanda: Absolutely, my background as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist is the secret sauce to coaching. I can read people better, dismantle underlying issues that often hold women back, and match that with the tools to support taking consistent action towards their goals. I actually became a coach for black women in business because, as a therapist, it bothered me seeing dope professional women on the couch talking about the impact of perfectionism, the hold overthinking had in their lives, and the sadness they experienced being disconnected from their purpose. I wanted to get the skills to my community before it got to the point that they needed therapy. That’s where mindset coaching was birthed. Since I know my own struggles trying to establish a business and do the work to grow it with no real blueprint, and very limited support, I know the value of having emotional and practical support in that space, so Business Mindset Coaching for Black and Brown women has become by sweet spot.  By addressing their issues, I get to help women rebuild self-esteem, confidence, and the resilience needed to believe in themselves and their businesses.  

Christina: What does the word coach mean to you?

Amanda: To me, a coach is a guide for your journey. It’s someone who sometimes sees more than you can see for yourself and is willing to lend you that belief until you arrive. It is someone with skills and expertise to safely help you tap into your potential, activate your strengths, and navigate the fears of growth. It’s an unwavering support and a never-ending well of inspiration and motivation.

Christina: What are three key things you advocate for in your coaching to help others shatter self-doubt, calm their inner critic, and feel capable and courageous in their business endeavors?

Amanda: Three key elements I emphasize are self-compassion because we are way to hard on ourselves and to silence that inner critic, doing the self-awareness work to support a mindset of self-belief, and action-oriented strategies with a clear goal in mind. With all that on deck you can show up as your best self, leverage all that expertise, and take bold action towards your purpose. 

Christina: Outside of your work as a mindset coach and business owner, you are very involved in running and competing in half marathons. How has that helped shape you in your personal and professional life?

Amanda: Running half marathons has taught me endurance, discipline, and the power of pushing through discomfort. These qualities translate seamlessly into my coaching practice. I’ve learned that the path to success often involves persistence, and the sense of achievement from completing a race parallels the fulfillment of reaching personal and professional goals. It’s a reminder that we can do difficult things with determination and the right mindset. That, and I love hanging out with other women who may have different goals but all value each other and want to support each other. Every woman should have that unconditional experience, an integral value in my coaching programs, and the understanding of what it means to have personalized goals and not one based on comparison but self. I may never come first in a race, but because I showed up, tried, trained, and supported someone along the way, I always win.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Amanda: Don’t let life end without having tried to create space to live out your purpose. Someone is waiting for your gifts, purpose, and expertise. Think about who you are failing to help if you fail to show up because you are too afraid to work on yourself and your goals.  


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