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Unstoppable Women’s Empowerment Weekend Recap

March is set aside to celebrate Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day recognized globally this year on March 8th. Women organizations around the United States held seminars, brunches, and awards programs to celebrate the strength of women and what we contribute to society.

I had the honor to attend an exclusive event that really made an impact on me that I can’t put into words. On Friday, March 10th, successful businesswomen from around the world ascended in the city of Atlanta at the prestigious Ritz Carlton for the Unstoppable Women’s Empowerment Mentorship Program hosted by Dr. Cindy Trimm. 

Dr. CIndy Trimm
Dr. CIndy Trimm

Dr. Cindy Trimm is well known in the Christian community as a prolific preacher and prayer warrior who has authored best sellers such as Commanding Your Morning, a book of morning declarations and prayers to help begin your day victoriously, and The Rules Of Engagement, a strategic spiritual warfare book that teaches intimate strategies on overcoming the spirit of darkness. I happen to follow Dr. Trimm’s ministry and own both of these phenomenal books! But what most people don’t know is Dr. Trimm is a successful business mogul!

Dr. Cindy Trimm has been internationally recognized as a leading leadership development and education authority. Trained in Strategic Leadership at the prestigious Oxford University Saïd Business School and Corporate Governance at Harvard University, Dr. Trimm is a former senator, sought-after thought leader, and widely-respected business and life strategist. 

Mikki Taylor and Dr. Cindy Trimm
Mikki Taylor and Dr. Cindy Trimm

Day 1

She assembled her closest supporters, her mentees, for an exclusive event that combined both spiritual principles and business strategies to help catapult each woman in the room to another level of success and further into their purpose and destiny. The room was full of women from all levels of business, CEOs, pastors, executives, and even small business owners like me. She spared no expense for this exclusive experience of a lifetime. We not only enjoyed the best cuisine served by the award-winning Chef of Ritz Carlton Atlanta and the exquisite entertainment of an all-women orchestra, but she invited some of the top speakers in their fields to pour into us!

Friday, the opening mixer included an empowering welcome address from Dr. Cindy Trimm herself. We enjoyed hors’ oeuvres while networking and making connections, followed by a private shopping experience by fashion great St. Johns, who also sponsored the event. The evening consisted of powerful speaking presentations by Dr. Sam Orum, serial entrepreneur, and Brenda Strickland, real estate extraordinaire, both prior mentees of Dr. Trimm. 

Benaisha Watson-Poole
Benaisha Watson-Poole

Day 2

Saturday, Day 2, was just as amazing as Day 1! We were blessed with speaking presentations by Mikki Taylor, Editor-At-Large for Essence Magazine! She asked us the question, “Can we stand to be victorious”?  Lady Taylor joined Dr. Trimm for an intimate Q&A session that was thought-provoking, empowering, and literally life-changing. I participated in the Q&A session, and as a result, Mikki Taylor asked me personally, “You’re future is expecting you…Will you be there?” it sent chills through my body and caused me to shed tears that I didn’t even know I needed to shed because as an entrepreneur we do so much. We fight so many unseen battles that sometimes we lose our vision and can’t see past the weekend! But at that moment……. it became perfectly clear to get back focused and finish running my race!

After we gathered ourselves, we were blessed with the presence of Benaisha Poole-Watson, the first Veteran, African-American woman bank owner, and CEO of Prime One Lending.  Ms. Poole-Watson shared her testimony of overcoming the odds of poverty and becoming the US’s Top 1% Real Estate Agent. Then just when you didn’t think we could take anymore, we ended with a powerful presentation from Dr. Alaysia Black-Hackett, the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer of the Department of Labor. Like seriously, a black woman representing us at The White House! Seriously… mind blowing!

This event, curated by Dr. Cindy Trimm and her organization, was strategically named after her latest release, Unstoppable: Compete with you to WIN!! I was not only honored to be in the room for this experience of a lifetime but had the chance to sit and have an intimate, exclusive conversation with Dr. Trimm about her book, the inspiration around this weekend, and what’s next for her and her ministry!

I can honestly speak for every woman in the room when I say this entire weekend changed our future trajectory! The words spoken, the experience, the business connections and sisterhoods formed, we are forever connected and truly UNSTOPPABLE!!

For more about Dr. Cindy Trimm, visit: www.cindytrimmministries.org

To Purchase The Book Unstoppable: www.unstoppablemasterclass.com

Follow On Social Media: Facebook – Dr. Cindy Trimm 

                                        Instagram: @cindytrimm


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