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Unveiling Authenticity: Crystal’s Journey Through Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Crystal chose a distinct path in an era where fame beckons through smartphone lenses and online platforms. Navigating the world of content creation, she embarked on a voyage centered around self-love, care, and self-management. As 2018 loomed with its promise of her 40s, Crystal found herself in a whirlwind – grappling with heartbreak, career dissatisfaction, and life’s uncertainties. Her authentic narrative unveils a woman who dared to question, share, and evolve.

At the heart of her story lies basketball – a passion ignited in 1988 despite never having held a ball. Detroit’s NBA victory and her father’s love for the game sparked a desire for camaraderie that transcended sport. From her own playing days to coaching high school teams, Crystal discovered a bond unique to basketball, an arena where gender shares rules, roles, and victories.

Out of her journey rose “LYF According 2 Cree,” conceived long before its 2019 inception. With an unfiltered voice and an innate inclination to aid others, Crystal birthed a platform that resounds with authenticity. She shares Cree-isms on topics spanning politics to relationships, built on opinions unapologetically expressed.

Confidence, to Crystal, is the catalyst that makes the improbable achievable. This belief fuels her content and life coaching mission, an extension of her evolution. As a Certified LYF Coach, she crafts individualized paths towards self-discovery, equipping others with tools to conquer challenges and embrace life’s fullness.

Join us as we explore Crystal’s narrative, from embracing imperfections to the wisdom she gathers through life’s twists. Her journey is a mosaic of empowerment, a beacon for those navigating the path to authenticity and self-discovery.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Crystal, Crystal?

Crystal: My SwagHer is my goal to wake up ME each and every day the Lord allows! The Aquarius in me is unstoppable, and that’s how I feel every woman should be. I accept everyone and everything just as who they are and what it is, and I love without conditions. 

Christina: Did you play basketball as a child? What do you love about the sport? 

Crystal: I fell in love with the game of basketball way back in 1988, even though I’d never touched a ball. I grew up in an NBA city, Detroit, and the Pistons won the NBA Championship. The players did everything together; they looked like the best of friends, and I wanted that type of friendship with people. My dad was also a huge fan of the game. He played recreationally, and his shipmates loved the game. I didn’t start playing until 6th grade, but from then on, I played until I graduated high school. From there, I volunteered with my high school alma mater girls’ basketball program from 1999-2008, officially became an assistant coach for the team and assisted from 2010-2016, then returned as the head middle school coach in 2019 to be jilted into the head Varsity Coach role from 2020-2022. I’d still be coaching now had our high school not been shut down at the end of the 2021-22 school year. There’s a level of comradery that is unmatched by any other sport, and it’s one of few sports where the rules for both men and women are exactly the same. I love that everyone has a role and must do their part for success.

Christina: Tell us about LYF According 2 Cree. How was that “born”? 

Crystal: LYF According 2 Cree was established as a business in 2019, but was born around 2003 when my family used to joke about me “tweeting” on FB. I was always highly opinionated about any and everything going on in the world and around me. From relationships to politics, I had something to say and did so unapologetically. My unfiltered take on everything and my desire to always help others led me to officially create a platform. I’ve been using it to reach others with my Cree-isms ever since.

Christina: What does confidence mean to you? 

Crystal: Confidence to me is a sense of boldness and an acceptance of who you are that makes anything possible. It’s so powerful that it inspires others without words and brings life to any situation.

Christina: What is the best trait a life coach can have? 

Crystal: Listening to understand rather than respond. Often, when we get advice from family or friends, you can see them thinking of what they will say rather than processing to understand what you’re trying to express. Life coaches have to be active, understanding listeners.

Christina: If you could go back and tell your 14-year-old self anything, what would it be? 

Crystal: I would tell me to practice patience. I was always so quick to move on to the next thing I never gave a situation time to work out or an opportunity to open up. I just moved on. It took reaching my mid-30s and looking back to realize how much time I wasted.


Connect with Crystal below: 


Facebook: @lyfaccording2cree

Instagram: @lyfaccording2cree


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