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WGO: Sha Kadar on Skincare Protection & Bathing

In one of our latest What’s Going On segments, Risa sat down with Aisha (Sha) Khadar, the Sha behind Sha’s Creations, who is the founder and owner of Sha’s Creations Organic Skin Care and Medspa in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is a caregiver at heart who manufactures her own brand of skin correctional products, which contain premium, organic ingredients.  

 Nuggets Dropped in Interview

Sha drops lots of nuggets in this interview, including sharing how to shower and bathe properly, and you may discover that you have been doing it wrong. 

The craftswoman also explains the importance of sunscreen and the correct way to apply it, especially for women who wear makeup. 

About Sha Kadar

Sha Kadar operates her med-spa with passion and service to her community at the forefront of her vision. After dealing with her own skin challenges, which included sensitivity, acne, and pimples, Sha turned to her mother for help, who was taught by her mother, Sha’s grandmother. Sha’s grandmother mixed her own blend of natural and organic ingredients to clear Sha’s skin. Today, Sha uses some of the same organic ingredients in her skincare products that she has used not only for her own treatment, but also for her three children who struggled with eczema and psoriasis.   She has mastered the art of skin correction and enhancement and is a skilled body contouring trainer. She has cared for a diverse population from near and far, providing natural soaps and skin-enhancing products, which she personally brands and packages with care and love.

The businesswoman resides in Montgomery County with her husband Sadd, and together they have six amazing children.

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