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WGO: Songstress Nanii Acosta

What’s Going On?

LaRhonda Marie is joined by songstress Nanii Acosta to discuss her music and where her inspiration comes from when she writes.

About Nanii Acosta:

Nanii Acosta is a singer from Jersey City with bilingual roots from the dynamic streets of Brooklyn, New York. We will discuss her start in 2017 and how it’s going now. Join the conversation.

As an Afro-Latina singer-songwriter, she has been working with viral influencers and rising stars in the music scene for years, like TikTok Influencer Chandler Matkins, for example.

Nanii blooms expressive R&B music with modern melodies, catchy sounds, and professionally produced visuals to match her expansive personality. Since her first single, Sittin Sideways, was released in 2017, Nanii Acosta has left the door open for music enthusiasts to connect with her persona – following up with her first EP, Golden Hold, Vol. 1, featuring her two smash hits, Dimé and Mas.

Overall, she’s a consistent artist with a relatable pen, creating a lane for herself to diversify her brand as a visionary; she has already collaborated with producers such as Bonafide Beatz, pianist Teddyfx, and engineer Michael Ashby.

Learn more about Nanii Acosta and listen to her music above in the video.

Connect with Nanii below: 



Facebook: Nanii Acosta

About LaRhonda Marie

LaRhonda Marie is a former R&B Gospel singer, songwriter and Producer.  For years, she traveled throughout the United States, bringing souls to Christ through her ministry of music. LaRhonda is the hostess of Under Construction with LaRhonda, which airs Thursdays at 7 PM CT.

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