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What’s (Black) Love Got to Do With It? CarpeDM conducts study on dating as a Black Woman in Post COVID America


CarpeDM, a leader in Black dating, is the first and only dating app focused on shedding a much needed light on what modern dating will look like for Black women in post-COVID America. While online dating is now the #1 way singles meet, Black women have a harder time finding love online than most any other ethnic group. They want to know why because this problem has real implications for Black women’s ability to build healthy families and generational wealth. You can help now by taking their five minute survey at bit.ly/carpedmsurvey!

What’s the big deal, isn’t it just another dating study? Because strong relationships ultimately provide the economic, physical, and mental support needed to allow women to make real, positive socio-economic change in their families and communities, a part of the holistic solution to many of the problems facing the Black community must include a way to help Black singles find and maintain healthy, stable relationships.

The holistic solution is more important than ever considering the very real problem of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Black community. Pandemic dating has transformed the lives of singles and still dating apps are currently built on language that is antiquated, inefficient, and designed by (mostly white) men with no consideration for Black women’s specific needs, desires, and demographic. With what some dating experts are calling as the biggest cuffing season ever — this fall will present singles with the biggest opportunity yet to find the meaningful relationship they’ve desired. But what does this mean for Black women? CarpeDM is going to find out.

How can you help? You can help now by taking a five minute survey at bit.ly/carpedmsurvey! How many dating apps do you have on your phone right now that are designed to address dilemmas in Black dating? If you’re single —  help the first and only dating app focused on creating real dating solutions for professional Black women and singles seeking to date them. Solutions created by Black women themselves. If altruism is not your thing, no worries! For some people, money talks. For your time completing CarpeDM’s five minute survey, you’ll receive a chance to win a $500 cash prize. And you don’t have to be a Black woman to take this survey. They need diverse respondents (ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual preference).

Why are the data results important? The survey data will be used to help the CarpeDM team improve the lives of professional Black women who, due to racial and systemic bias, are perpetually underserved in the dating and relationship space and whose needs continually go ignored and unmet.

CarpeDM is committed to positive social impact with a mission that is three-fold:

  1. Elevate Black women, an underserved group in the dating industry;

  2. Create healthy families and build generational wealth in the Black community;

  3. Give back by donating a portion of every CarpeDM membership to organizations that support the Black community.

So, will you be part of a mission to help Black women find love? Take the five minute survey now at bit.ly/carpedmsurvey!


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