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What’s Going On: Alicia Lee

Tune in as we find out what’s going on with Alicia Lee, the author and hairstylist.

Alicia is a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters and the grandmother of a gorgeous little girl, who has suffered much hardship over the past few years. After a trying marriage, heartbreaking separation, and emotional divorce, she experienced the aftermath of heartache and pain that a percentage of women go through after it all comes to an end. In 2013, God gave her a vision to launch an organization for hurting women called My Beauty Rocks. After starting this thriving organization, in 2014, her mother passed away suddenly without warning. During the grieving process, she went through a season of darkness and isolation from the world. With much prayer, she picked up the pieces of her heart and life and then began to dream again. In 2017, she suffered from a stroke, and with God’s help, she managed to survive. Her endeavor is to let other women know that they can be victorious and be more than a conqueror after going through adversity. She states that women should start embracing who they are, acknowledge and accept where they are in their lives, then gain the strength and confidence to overcome it all. Let your light shine, let your beauty rock, and let God continue to lead you to your destiny. God has positioned her to be an example and testimony to help other women. In 2020, she changed the name of her hair salon, where she is the master hairstylist at Ntensions Hair Care, LLC. She is a certified life coach, owner of Intentions Property Management Consulting, motivational speaker, and inspiring mentor. In 2021, she renamed her women’s group and became the founder of Intentional Her Ministries. She has written a spiritual devotional book called Its Just Hair, the author of “Purpose Wouldn’t Let Me Die” and “The Chronicles of a Hairstylist”. She states that you can live again and be happier than ever, especially when God is the center of your life. She published and created a hair journal called “Slay Fearlessly”, for women to journal their thoughts and feelings about their hair, maximize their hair potential, create healthy habits and more!

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