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What’s Going On: Tiara McGriff

Tune in as we find out what’s going on with Tiara McGriff, the Style Coach in the sunny city of Jacksonville, FL.


Tiara McGriff is a certified Style Coach based in the sunny city of Jacksonville, FL. Graduating with honors from Ashworth College’s Personal Style Program in February of 2020, Tiara’s passion for fashion, coupled with her role as a single mother, propelled her to establish Tiara’s Custom Imagery. This solutions-oriented style coaching brand aims to strike the perfect balance for single mothers seeking professional and social success.

Beyond being a personal stylist, Tiara prides herself on teaching practical style strategies tailored specifically for busy single moms, enabling them to easily incorporate fashion into their hectic lives. Notably, Tiara self-invested in and executed a fashion marketing campaign to raise awareness about the need for single moms to take a vacation or “mom-cation” from their demanding routines.

Her guiding philosophy is encapsulated in the belief that “Take baby steps, they too are giant leaps of faith.” Currently, Tiara is focused on building her own style coaching company catering to the unique needs of single moms. Outside of her professional endeavors, she cherishes spending quality time with loved ones, indulging in reading, listening to her favorite artist Brandy, and exploring new destinations through travel.

Tiara looks forward to future collaborations with industry professionals and anticipates the full launch of Tiara’s Custom Imagery this year. For those interested in connecting, Tiara can be reached on all social media platforms (@tiarascustomimagery) and through the official company website at


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