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What’s Your Motivation? The Motivated Brand by Philly’s Own, Ahmed “Powa” Lewis

The Pandemic birthed so many entrepreneurs and businesses that if you don’t have a side hustle, small business, or at least working on a business plan, you are indeed an alien to the times. Creativity sprung forth with force. People were now unafraid to step out on faith and some built-in desperation – never wanting to be without again. One thing is for sure, the business of wellness, fitness, and even life-changing coaching took the world by storm in response to mental, emotional, and physical needs as well as global changes. So many people looked to encourage others with their “service business,” all the while preaching to the choir, encouraging themselves to stay afloat.

That is exactly what one Philadelphia native and Music Producer set out to do. Meet Ahmed ‘Powa” Lewis. Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, this producer didn’t stop because the music industry was paused or events were canceled. He found a niche that brought out the best in people locally and nationwide. “2020 was hard on EVERYBODY! No one was exempt. The music industry suffered. Every industry suffered. I had to do something to not only help bring in revenue but would help the people. In helping the people, I helped myself overcome obstacles and became motivated. Hence the name of the brand, Motivated.” – Ahmed “Powa” Lewis.

Motivated is the name of Powa’s apparel and product line. The apparel line carries everything from workout gear for both men and women and everyday items such as hoodies, T-shirts, and even sneakers. The product line has the ever-popular over-the-ear headphones, a variety of earbuds designed for gym rats and workout fanatics, miniature Bluetooth speakers, and USB drives for those who need an extra push in working and taking care of business. 

“Not only did I create a brand, but my goal was also to create a lifestyle. Life is so short, and so many people lack motivation. We all need to look within and go after whatever we want! The Motivated brand is primarily a fitness brand. However, everyone can indulge! We all need to thank God for our lives and reach and use the motivation that we receive from whoever and whatever to go after our dreams!” – Ahmed “Powa” Lewis. 

The Motivated brand is not partial to one particular size or body type. “Powa” carefully included every possible body type from slim fit to curvy. His reflective logo is seen a mile away and motivates anyone who wears it or sees it. Currently, he is looking for brand ambassadors of every race and size to help promote the brand. 

Now in 2021, “Powa” is still remaining safe and encouraging others to do the same. He continues to encourage men and women through social media videos and virtual workshops/seminars; however, his message of remaining “Motivated” is coupled with being wise during this time of uncertainty, with COVID 19 still in effect. “I have been personally touched with friends and loved ones who have become violently ill from the virus as well as some who passed away. 2020 and 2021 has not been the best of years. We, as a country and as the world, have lost so many people. It is so important that in being motivated to work hard, work out, start a business, begin a family, etc…you must be wise and protect yourself and those you love. My family and I remain masked, socially distanced, and careful. Sure, it hasn’t been easy, but it has brought us closer and helped us to think beyond ourselves. We are very careful, and this is what I live by…wisdom. You can still reach for the stars but be wise. Use the knowledge that you have to make the right decisions.” – Ahmed “Powa” Lewis. 

Where can you find the Motivated brand? On Amazon as well as online at www.ForeverMotivated.net. “Powa” also has a showroom in the heart of Philadelphia for private showings and meetings with merchandisers. Follow the Motivated brand on Instagram @Forever_Motivated1 or personally at 215-668-2547 / BeMotivated.LLC@gmail.com. 


Article Written By: Sabrina Espere Carrington 

Instagram: @SabrinaEspere


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