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World-Renowned Spiritual Advisor Teaches Women How to Use Their “Superpowers”

Every little girl thought about how easy life would be if only they had “superpowers.” The ability to fly, run at lightning speed or even be invisible were coveted superpowers when I was a child. As an adult, I can imagine the superpowers that most women would love to have. From the ability to go back in time, shedding a few years off (or pounds), or for the “busy bees,” wanting to be at multiple places at the same time and still have time for dinner and a movie. Well, there is one woman who believes that all women were born with a power that needs to be identified and tapped into. 

Meet Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol. World-renowned Spiritual Advisor, reputable High Priestess, and Spiritual Healer, Chairperson of The National African Religion Congress / NARC World International, Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, University Lecturer, and more. The list of positions, events, programs, philanthropic efforts, and global campaigns goes on and on for this remarkable diamond of a woman. Gro Mambo has proven over decades to be a trailblazing, unique African-American woman, willing and able to help anyone looking for a change, elevation, or healing. Featured on the History Channel, in National Geographic, and other iconic networks and publications, Gro Mambo’s work for men, especially women, has been documented. Her victories have undeniably been added to her accolades. 

Gro Mambo services the people out of her spiritual home also called “a Humofor,” located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary is called sanctuary – not so much in terms of meaning “church” but as a place where anyone can find rest,” says Gro Mambo. Greeted by her contagious smile, big, bright eyes, and golden braids into a warm, impeccably designed sanctuary home full of peace and tranquility, I couldn’t help but feel at ease. I had so many questions, especially after watching a documentary featuring Gro Mambo in Haiti at a healing waterfall with women who were seeking her help with fertility. 

What makes this woman so special in helping women? Why do women from all over the world come to her sanctuary home in Philadelphia? “I have helped many women from all over the world. I have helped them conquer depression, anxieties, fertility issues, women’s health issues, bounce back from divorce, domestic abuse, a loss of a child, you name it.” Walking through the sanctuary, Gro Mambo shows her closet of spiritual herbs and medicines. “Many women will come and first get a reading. That spiritual reading will point to what spiritual work is needed. That could be a spiritual bath, a herbal remedy (tea), or simply taking them to one of the shrines.” She further explained that the spiritual herbs that are used in the baths can only be found in Haiti and how she has gathered many throughout her years as a Priestess and healer. When asked what the most commonly seen ailments in women are, she answers by saying, “Anything and everything under the sun!” Gro Mambo describes how she works with medical professionals in providing the best care. She says that when a woman is diagnosed with a medical issue and chooses not to go the conventional way, they can go the Alternative Medicine/Traditional healing way. However, both can work hand in hand to provide optimum help for the patient. 

I asked about the pandemic, understanding that there may have been an influx of women reaching out to her for multiple reasons, from health to mental and emotional wellness. “Since the Pandemic, so many people have called wanting help, especially with their health. From everything from boosting their immune system to helping them create a daily wellness plan. I also have many women who have reached out during the beginning of the pandemic up until now, wanting to break free of anxiety or insecurity due to what’s going on in the world. I simply show them that they are powerful and were born with power! Once they realize that and understand the power they were born with, then they are able to soar,” Novanyon Idizol explains.

Gro Mambo flooded Instagram and Facebook during the beginning of the pandemic with amazing self-help tips for spiritual baths, herbal teas, and spiritual protection for the home. She provided guided meditation and relaxation techniques along with spiritual insight on COVID-19, political unrest, the loss of jobs, the start of new business, etc.” I do plan on coming back on social media to talk about health, wellness, spiritual elevations, and where do we go from here according to divination.” Many women sent letters, emails, direct messages. They called the sanctuary inquiring about when Gro Mambo will be back on social media, especially to address health, with or without the vaccine. 

Many women since the pandemic are now looking to settle down, start businesses, build families, and want Gro Mambo to guide them. “I guess I can say I have been very busy and it is wonderful! A lot of the women who reached out in 2020 who suffered from depression, insecurity, and the loss of loved ones from COVID, are now reaching out in 2021 with a whole new perspective! They are looking to elevate, start new businesses, gain new loves, start families, create memories, be healed of past hurts and even ailments that have been crutches for so many years. I tell them all that you must have a goal and a gold! Let’s reach!”

To learn more about Gro Mambo, visit www.GroMambo.com. Get her latest book on Amazon, “Inside the Voodoo: Papa Dumbala – Real Life Experiences In the Humofor.”


Article Written By: Sabrina Espere Carrington | @sabrinaespere


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