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Too Many Instances: Banking While Black

It seems that being Black and trying to perform regular mundane tasks such as making a deposit or withdrawal is a reason to be profiled and criminalized. The following instances show a pattern that needs to be stopped. History-making Director Ryan Coogler was profiled while banking as he was trying to be discreet while making a bank withdrawal. Per TMZ, The Bank of America teller deemed this note as suspicious and called the cops, reporting an attempted robbery. Coogler was detained along with the two individuals that were with him.


Second Incident

Arizona resident Almond Brewer, a Black man, went to cash a $3,200 check from selling his boat on Facebook. The bank teller cited that there had been an uptick of “fraudulent activity,” and this is why the call to the police was made without informing him that they suspected that his check was fake. While he was outside speaking with the police, the bank did what should have been done from the beginning. They called the bank member, and confirmed that the check was indeed valid.


Incident Three

Dr. Malika Mitchell-Stewart, a 34-year-old Black doctor in Houston, Texas is suing JPMorgan Chase Bank because two of their employees questioned her and told her that her check from her employer was fraudulent. She left the bank to avoid further embarrassment, returning only to speak to the actual bank manager. Dr. Mitchell-Stewart found that the check could have been verified. She is now suing for more than $1 million dollars, plus damages and compensation.




It is sad that no matter the routine task, Black people can be targeted and criminalized for just adulting.


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