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Healing Through Exploration: Tanisha’s Journey from Loss to Living Life and Traveling

Tanisha Mackin found solace and renewal in travel after the unexpected loss of her husband. Fueled by a desire for her children to remember a life filled with exploration, she turned to the world as her healing canvas. In this interview, Christina delves into Tanisha’s travel-centric approach to holistic healing. From her YouTube show, “Tanisha’s Traveling Bag,” empowering viewers to ‘Live Life and Travel’ affordably, to the creation of the vibrant travel community, “Tanisha’s Traveling Buddies,” Tanisha shares her passion for shared exploration. As an author of travel guides, she encourages others with a simple mantra – just do it, for time is irreplaceable. Stay tuned for Tanisha’s upcoming adventures, travel tips, and surprises on her journey.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Tanisha, Tanisha?

Tanisha: I am a survivor of many things, and that is where my strength comes from.  I don’t believe in lying around and feeling sorry for myself, I believe in getting back up and living life to the fullest because I have experienced too much loss and pain throughout my life. What makes Tanisha, Tanisha is my children, my strength, and how I love others. I am a storyteller, and I use that gift in my publishing company. I love listening to my clients’ stories and assisting them with sharing their gifts and stories with the world.

Christina: What inspired you to use travel as a holistic approach to healing after the unexpected loss of your husband? 

Tanisha: After the loss of my husband, the world felt hollow.  I remember saying to myself, “If anything happens to me, I want my children to say mommy took us everywhere.”  Travel became my lifeline, a holistic embrace of experience that painted life anew. It wasn’t just about visiting breathtaking landscapes or savoring exotic flavors; it was about forging memories with my children. Instead of being on depression medication, I found peace and serenity throughout my travels.  To be able to experience different cultures, foods, and beautiful places gave me a peace of mind and led me on my healing journey.

Christina: Could you share more about your YouTube travel show “Tanisha’s Traveling Bag” and your approach to encouraging followers to “Live Life and Travel”? 

Tanisha: From epic staycations to lavish getaways, I use my YouTube show, Tanisha’s Traveling Bag, to empower others to explore the world, one affordable adventure at a time. I showcase myself as well as my friends and family as we travel to different places and just have fun.  I love to explore and create different adventures, so you will see that in the show, as well as informative traveling information. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring hidden gems, budget-friendly vacations, activities to do, and exclusive recommendations to make your travel dreams a reality!

Christina: In 2023, you created Tanisha’s Traveling Buddies. What is this exclusive travel club, and how does it contribute to igniting a passion for exploration among its members? Tanisha: Solo travel isn’t my cup of tea, but I will do it if necessary. I crave the joy of exploration with others, building shared memories, and forging friendships under new skies. So, I launched my travel group, Tanisha’s Traveling Buddies – a vibrant community where wanderlust meets adventure, have fun, discover new things, and have unforgettable moments.

Christina: As the author of several travel guides, what are some tips you can give others who are looking to begin traveling the world? 

Tanisha: Honestly, just do it!!  The money will return, but your time won’t.  Do your research on the location that you wish to visit, or hire a travel agent who can point you in the right direction, give you recommendations, and plan your entire trip.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Tanisha: Stay tuned for new episodes of my YouTube show, please like and subscribe to my channel.  I will also have new traveling guides and a surprise for the kids coming soon.  Please check out my website for updates and for new merchandise from Tanisha’s Travel Essentials.  


Connect with Tanisha below: 

Website: www.TanishasTravelingBag.info

Instagram: TanishasTravelingBag

Facebook: Tanisha’s Traveling Bag

LinkedIn: Tanisha Mackin


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