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Literacy Extravaganza: Celebrating National Black Authors Day in Rochester

Join us for the “Literacy Extravaganza,” an event celebrating the 2nd Annual National Black Authors Day, bringing together agencies and individuals dedicated to supporting increased and enhanced literacy for the Rochester community. National Black Authors Day on May 4 is a tribute to Black authors, spotlighting their invaluable contributions to literature often overlooked in mainstream media.

Event Highlights:

  • Literacy vendors provide information on resources for reading, writing, and comprehension.
  • Featured authors: Dr. Shaun Nelms, CaTyra Polland, M.A., Caleb Jacobs.
  • Black Librarian Panel featuring Antoine McDonald, Laquanda Fields, Shamika Fusco, Melissa Desir.
  • Vendors: READY, Inc., Writers & Books, Freedom Scholars Learning Center, Second Chapter Bookstore.

Event Details:

Love for Words, an organization dedicated to supporting and fostering excellence, will be present to provide authentic and customized feedback to enhance manuscripts, offering encouragement and support. The event is an opportunity to connect residents with people and resources to improve reading, writing, and comprehension. The venue, situated in the fifth-poorest zip code in New York State, recognizes the correlation between poverty and literacy levels, addressing issues such as unemployment and low self-esteem. The collaborative effort focuses on providing literacy services for residents who need support.

Vendor Offerings: Vendors at the fair offer programs and resources for families, including support for GED attainment. Featured authors will share their work and journeys, engaging with community members for encouragement, advice, and inspiration.

Black Librarian Panel: The extravaganza will feature a panel of four local Black librarians discussing their paths to librarianship, encouraging guests to explore the field, and highlighting the benefits of having Black librarians in the community.

Join us for a day of celebration, connection, and empowerment at the Literacy Extravaganza as we honor National Black Authors Day and work towards fostering a community of readers and learners.


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