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Rev. Allison G. Daniels Is Adding Inspiration to the “Unshakable Faith” Anthology

Rev. Allison G. Daniels is an International Diversity Trainer, awarding-winning, 4x bestselling author who has written over 31 books, a co-author of 15 books, visionary author of a new book to be released, coming soon, titled: Unshakable Faith and the Visionary Author of the Book Series and the Empowered to Win book anthology. She is the owner of Allison Daniels’ Ministries, LLC, Coaching/Consulting Business, Founder/CEO of Women Empowered 2 Win Organization, which is geared to empower and educate women and teens by motivating, inspiring and encouraging them to lead with authority, clarity and confidence. 

She is the Founder/President of AGD Publishing Services, LLC, which is a publishing and coaching company where she is passionate about turning writers into successful published authors and coaching and helping women to overcome their personal and professional life challenges to share their transformational story through writing to make an impact in the world. She also offers a “30 Day Write 2 Finish Book Writing Program.”

How would you describe your swagher? What makes you who you are?

What makes Allison is my confidence and ability to connect with women from all walks of life authentically. I consider myself an empowered, passionate and purpose-driven woman whose confidence is in the Lord.

Why did you decide to take part in the Unshakable Faith anthology?

I am the visionary author of this book anthology Unshakable Faith, on how to redirect, redefine and renew you, and I was inspired by God to help women to share their stories on their unshakable faith and how they held it together during their storms.

Can you describe a time when your faith was challenged but you stood tall?

I can recall a moment in my life where the doctors told my husband and I that our 4-year-old daughter who was hospitalized for a few days would never be able to walk again after her surgery. But we kept praying, fasting and standing on the word of God, and God’s word prevailed in our lives and in her life. She is finishing her last year in high school and heading to college. She loves to dance, and has choregraphed many routines for not only her middle school, but her high school too. She plays soccer and is on the softball team and was nominated as the best on the field and so much more.

How do you view your work as a vocation—a call from and a duty to God?

I view my calling as God being able to use me as His vessel to carry out His Will through my life. I believe that God has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives, and that God has granted me the ability to help others see their own gifts, potentials, and talents that God has blessed them with down on the inside. I don’t call it a duty, but that I’m serving in the position that God has called me to.

What was the writing process like for you?

My writing process is trusting the words that God has placed on my heart to write and bring to vision to pass. I normally pray over the title of my anthology, the title of my chapter and how God wants me to proceed as the writing process moves on.

Have you authored any other books? If so, please list them.

I have authored over 31 books, the contributing author of 15 books: Empowered to Win series 1, 2 and 3, and now the visionary author of my 4th book that will be released on 06/23/2022 which is called: Unshakable Faith: Redirect, Redefine and Renew You.

Where can readers follow and connect with you?

Connect with Allison below: 


Twitter: AllisonDaniels9

Youtube:  AGDaniels29

Facebook:  Allison.G.Daniels




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