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Shirley Murphy Speaks on Why She Stands Tall in Her Faith

Shirley Murphy is the CEO of Global Labour Events and Business Magazine (GLEBM), an online independent specialized publication, and  LABUSTV, an online Tv Channel. Shirley is also a TV show host and a media consultant plus she owns Dani’s Clothing and More, a women’s fashion and Fabrics House. The serial entrepreneur has also authored several books.  


Shirley is the brain behind two non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Proud Parents International and Women Reach Out with God Initiative (WROWGI).  As the founder of She Rise Academy, an online learning platform, she assists women and girls around the world. This woman of faith believes in collaborating and supporting the advancement of women across the globe. As a life and family therapist, Shirley has transformed the lives of many especially women and girls in Nigeria.  She is very passionate about women’s education and empowerment to ensure that women all over the world become more visible and in control of their lives, and she is doing it passionately, giving hope to as many that come around her. 


The multi-hyphenate businesswoman is happily married and blessed with lovely children.


Shirley is one of the authors of Unshakable Faith. This book includes stories from women who are true, pearls of great price, who have encountered trials and tribulations that challenged their faith, but, you will see that their faith was indeed, “Unshakable”. Minister Allison G. Daniels and several other women have shared stories from the heart as to how they had to redirect their emotions, redefine who God said they were, and their journey of being renewed, thus, allowing God to make a victorious difference in their lives, all to His glory.


SwagHer: How would you describe your swagher? What makes you who you are?


Shirley: I would describe my swagher as purpose-driven. I am passionate about actualizing my life’s purpose and helping others do the same. What makes me who I am is the fact that I’m focused on achieving results no matter the challenges I may encounter along the way.

SwagHer: Why did you decide to take part in the Unshakable Faith anthology?


Shirley: I decided to take part in this anthology book with Allison because it is an opportunity for me to further share my story to restore hope and encourage at least one life out there that no matter what the challenges may be God is always there in the scene and He will never leave you nor forsake you, just hold on.


SwagHer: Can you describe a time when your faith was challenged but you stood tall?


Shirley: My faith has been challenged again and again but I’m still here. I mean God is not a second option but my only source, and I know He has never left me before and will never leave me no matter what I may be going through.


SwagHer: How do you view your work as a vocation—a call from and a duty to God?


Shirley: Absolutely, I view my work as a call from God who has called me unto Himself and given me an assignment here on Earth as a grain of salt and light of the world, restoring hope, and transforming lives.


SwagHer: What was the writing process like for you?


Shirley: The writing process was a reminder that God is still in the act of helping His own. He said when we pass through the fire, He will be there, meaning that He knew that there will be

moments and times that seem like fire but He promised to always be there with us. So I trust

Him more and more each day, and it only took me two days to write my chapter.


SwagHer: Have you authored any other books? If so, please list them.

Shirley: I have authored three books:

1) The Ideal Parent

2) 5 Steps to Purpose Actualization

3) Visionary author of The Power of Praise


SwagHer: Where can readers follow and connect with you?

Facebook: @Shirley Murphy

Instagram: @Shirley.Murphy.102

LinkedIn: @Shirley Murphy





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