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Wednesday Wonder Woman: Sharena Loggins

After 15 years of selling homes as a successful Real Estate Broker, a high-risk pregnancy & birth of a newborn baby forever changed the life of Sharena Loggins. Now a Reiki master, crystal alchemist, and owner of The Regal Phoenix crystal shop, Sharena has turned her decade long passion for collecting healing crystals. Using intention candles into a six-figure online business helps everyone recognize the healer inside.

The Regal Phoenix was created from a place that Sharena calls her Rock Bottom Season. During her toughest times, she found herself still buying and gifting crystals to her friends and associates who needed to begin a healing process or were starting to explore the metaphysical realm.

Launched on her daughter’s first birthday, 11/20/2018, and in the midst of heavy postpartum depression, The Regal Phoenix was born and quickly placed on hold. Although barely operating for the first quarter of the year, The Regal Phoenix quickly went viral on Pinterest in 2019, and the rest has been history. A true testimony that when you heal and become aligned, you can manifest anything!

The shop offers crystal prescriptions for issues such as anxiety, weight loss, fertility, lack of money, lack of sleep, and more. It also provides popular metaphysical supplies such as white sage, Florida water, incense, and intention candles. The products were birthed from crystal prescriptions and rituals Sharena used to pull herself out of postpartum depression, lose 60lbs, and change her finances entirely around. 

Now through The Regal Phoenix, Sharena shares her gifts of Crystal Alchemy, Reiki & Tarot to help others discover their inner healer, unlock their magic, and manifest their best lives!


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Sharena, Sharena? 

Sharena: Sharena is authentic. Truly a dope soul, I was sent here to help those who want to do the work to heal. My superpower is being non-judgemental, probably because I’ve been through some unimaginable things throughout my life, so my empathy for people runs deep. After experiencing healing for myself, it has become my purpose to share and see the light that beams when people heal mind, body, and soul.

Christina: Why did you start The Regal Phoenix?

Sharena: I started this business because God told me to. I won’t lie, I was hard-headed at first and probably prolonged my suffering too. I had been collecting crystals for over a decade but no desire to sell them. I was a Real Estate Broker with a thriving brokerage, newly married, and pregnant when my season changed. The Regal Phoenix was part of the rebirth stage of my current Spiritual Awakening. I already owned The Regal Phoenix, LLC. It had been my investment company years ago that was just sitting there. The name was perfect for all of the trauma I had just experienced during my “rock bottom season.” As a Scorpio ♏️ 10/31, our sign is synonymous with the Phoenix, so what better way to describe the death of Sharena Flowers, mother of 4, and the rebirth of Sharena Loggins, wife, mother of 5 and Reiki Master, The Regal Phoenix.

Christina: What are some things your business offers?

Sharena: Our shop offers healing crystal kits, intention candles with crystals in them, spiritual tools, and a variety of sage. Everything is infused with Reiki, and we also offer distance Reiki seasonally when possible. Essentially we offer the tools for you to heal yourself.

Christina: Please name a few crystals and their healing properties for our readers. 

Sharena: My favorite crystals to tell people to start with come from our Beginners kit. It’s like the perfect medley of what you need when you’re just starting on this journey—a beautiful combination of Selenite, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine healing crystals. The gemstones selected embody the characteristics of a person who is looking to elevate their life and succeed. 

Selenite: Pure light, this crystal does not hold onto energy. Use Selenite to clear your aura or the aura of those around you.

Crystal Quartz: The Master Healer. This crystal amplifies your energy, thereby aiding in the manifestation of your dreams. 

Rose Quartz: For unconditional love. Unconditional love for yourself first and foremost and then unconditional love for others’ flaws and all.

Amethyst: For keeping you calm, reserved, and focused. In the spiritual world, Amethyst provided a connection to the Divine. It’s high frequency cleanses the aura of negative energy.

Citrine: Well, of course, the Merchant Stone to make you wealthy! The Citrine is a Quartz Crystal, so it amplifies your energy. Meditate on your dreams with Citrine and watch them come to life.

Christina: Do you believe everyone should practice Reiki and tarot card reading?

Sharena: No, I don’t think it’s for everyone. I truly believe in, to each his/her own. You must be drawn to it. I’m a student of history and religion, so my mind is more open than most. In order to practice Reiki or read tarot cards intuitively, you have to be open to the higher powers of the Universal collective energy. 

Christina: What are some benefits of practicing this healing method? 

Sharena: Reiki provides healing physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to the receiver and the practitioner. Through Reiki, healing also occurs on the soul level. As a healer, I do not do the healing, but rather I am a vessel through which the healing energy flows. Our process allows for Universal Energy to do its own thing and flow through the body to provide healing where it’s needed. During my sessions, I also complete a Chakra scan and make sure the Chakras are cleared, charged, and operating in balance once complete. Serving as a vessel allows the energy that flows through me to heal me as well, so I often give Reiki freely.

Christina: Using this healing method has changed your life. You got over postpartum depression, lost 60 lbs, and changed your financial situation around. Can you tell us about that time in your life? 

Sharena: That time in my life is what I call my rock bottom season. Looking back on it, I have been able to identify all of the stages of my spiritual awakening and how God has elevated me to this point.

I was on bed rest my entire pregnancy. My son was getting into trouble, so he and I were beefing; he then got hit by a car walking home from work at like 3 AM. I was broke because I couldn’t work, so my savings was trashed, and all types of other trauma life were just steady throwing at my family and me, including almost being homeless and asking God, Why me? I was in the ER after being hit head-on by a hit & run driver at 32 weeks pregnant. Guess what? during all of this, I was still giving away crystals 😂 

That rock bottom season allowed me to get closer to God and open myself up to my Ancestors & the Universe in a way I never had before. I had nothing but time on my hands to deal with me, and all of the trauma that haunted me most of my life and the current trauma I was experiencing that threw me into postpartum depression after having my daughter. 

During this part of my journey is when the healing began. Self-care, for me, was incorporated a lot. I started taking care of myself by meditating, and doing yoga before sunrise, creating a crystal kit for weight loss, walking daily while listening to meditations. I repeated affirmations during my walks and in the shower too. I’m talking about a consistency I’ve never had in my life. Not even right now, to be honest. 🥴 But it also included Shadow’s work and the ugly side of healing 35 years of suppressed trauma. So I just focused on loving me and healing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Christina: Tell us about the time in 2019 when The Regal Phoenix went viral on Pinterest. How was that for you? 

Sharena: I noticed The Regal Phoenix was doing a lil something on Pinterest like in April 2019 because of the emails they send. It wasn’t until June that I had decided to master Pinterest and make myself go viral since I was already doing numbers organically with no strategy! I had no idea it would happen, and to watch it unfold was really dope! It was nothing but God! I pretty much did everything I had done with my other businesses but 10x’d it because the purpose was different. If it wasn’t for Pinterest, who knows where The Regal Phoenix may have been because up until that point, the store was on hold. I appreciate the platform and the opportunity to become a Pinterest Marketing Partner in 2019 due to our fit with their brand!

Christina: Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would like our readers to know about? 

Sharena: Right now, we are planning for Black Friday while trying to keep up with the continuous growth on our website and the surprise surge in sales via Etsy. Black Friday is exactly a week after our second anniversary, so I want to do a super dope sale to spread the love and the healing!

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Sharena: Often, we’ve been stuck in survival mode so long we don’t realize we need to take the time to heal, or even that healing is a thing or possible. Some people even think that because they’ve removed themselves or disassociated themselves, they’ve healed, but the triggers will always tell the truth. Healing requires a vulnerability that most aren’t comfortable with. Getting uncomfortable and doing the work will unlock the magic within you and allow you to reach your greatest potential. We can help you begin your journey at


Connect with Sharena:


Instagram: @theregalphoenix

Facebook: @shopregalphoenix

Pinterest: @theregalphoenix

Twitter: @theregalphoenix


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