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Best & Worst Foods To Eat During Your Period


What are the best and worst foods to eat during your period?

As a woman, you know the best foods to eat while on your period aren’t quite what you’re craving. It’s the worst food, like the heavy, greasy, sweet stuff that speaks to your soul. If it’s unhealthy, you want it. For many of us, menstruation symptoms are unpredictable. Some women seldom experience symptoms, while others find it challenging to operate throughout the day because of exhaustion, abdominal cramping, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea. Here are the best foods to consume and the foods to stay away from when on your cycle.

Foods to Eat & Drink

Salmon- Combats cramps and soothes the uterus

Popcorn- Helps with mood swings and sleep

Watermelon- Keeps you hydrated and reduces bloating

Oatmeal- Lower PMS symptoms and soothes an upset stomach

Water- Reduces headaches and bloating

Ginger Tea- Reduces nausea and soothes achy muscles

Peppermint Tea- Provides cramps and nausea relief

Foods & Drinks to Avoid

Spicy Foods- Makes you gassy and causes bloating

Alcohol- Makes you feel heavy and bloated

Coffee- Intensifies cramping 

Salty Foods- Water retention/Bloating

Sugary Foods- Increases fatigue

Processed Foods- Worsens bloating/water retention

We already know that what we consume impacts how we feel. That time of the month can go much more smoothly if we are more mindful of what we eat. Do you know of other foods that help ease your menstrual cycle? Share them in the comments. 

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